Driving arm signals and Car arm signals

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Driving arm signals

Car has many lights for different uses which help drivers to read road. These lights indicate or advance warn other nearby drivers about yours maneuver. Several lights that every car has:

  • Indicator lights
  • Car Hazard warning lights
  • Car brake lights
  • Arm signals
  • The horn
  • Reverse gear signal
Indicating correct signal at right time and place is very important for safe driving. Let us discuss each Light signal in more detail.

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Indicator Lights

These lights are used when to are turning either to the left side or to right side of road while driving.
These are amber in colour. These are located both at front and rear side of car. These lights are used if there is any nearby pedestrian, car or a bike.
After turning on your desired side turns off indicator.

Car Indicator Rear Side
Car Indicator Front Side

Hazard Warning Lights

When car hazard lights is switched on, all of your indicator lights begins to blinking indicating other nearby drivers about any hazard on road, particularly if your own car has broken down.


Car brake lights Signal

When you hit brake pedal to slow down or want to stop your car, two car rear lights, red in colour are activated. Usually are more brighter than standard rear lights. Use also use these brake light to indicate your presence to following driver in low visibility area.


Flashing blinking headlights car

Flashing your car’s headlight often called blinking headlights car is only to indicate other road user about your presence on road., particularly this indication is used in such situation when horn is not heard, like driving at high speed on a busy road.


Driving Arm Signals

Use arm signal in emergency situation when your other car indicators are not working. This signal is done by extending your right arm through side window. If you want to stop or slow down your car then keep your arm still or move it up and down respectively. arm signal for left turn And if you want to left turn, then move your arm in circular motion.

arm signals for driving arm signal to turn left arm signal

The Horn

Use horn only if some road user can’t see your car. Very important to remember, using horn between 11:30pm and 7:00am is illegal but only if other vehicle causes a danger to you.


Reverse gear signal

When you put your car in reverse gear, white lights on rear of your car are turned on.