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Speed limit signs uk - Stopping distance chart 2024

UK Road Speed Limits

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One of most important thing you should keep in mind about safely driving is to keep your driving speed below maximum speed limit on the road. For example you are driving on road that has max speed limit of 50mph, you should keep your speed around 45 mph. Also not drive too slowly which otherwise may cause accidents due to dangerous overtaking.
General speed limits for Cars:
  • 30mph: On urban roads or link roads.
  • 60mph: On One-Way roads.
  • 70mph:On motorways or Two-Ways roads.
These are standard limits and are applied almost in all times, in all conditions.
Following is table shows speed limits to regulate traffic flow.
  Built-up area Single carriageway Dual carriageway Motorway
30 60 70 70
Buses and Coaches 30 50 60 70
Goods Vehicles
*60 if articulated or towing a trailer
30 50 60 70
Cars towing caravans or trailers
30 50 60 70
Goods Vehicles
exceeding 7.5 tonnes max laden weight
30 40 50 70

Gear related with Speed:

Using correct gear is one of the important skill of driver. Different gears are used to attain different speed as shown below. It is very important to follow this general pattern.

Speed Gear
0 to 10mph 1st
10 to 20mph 2nd
20 to 30mph 3rd
30 to 40mph 4th
over 40mph 5th

Stopping Distances

It is distance which is required to stop a car. It depends on following factors:

  • Your driving speed
  • Time you take to think about to stop a car and applying brakes
  • Time taken by car to come to stop after you have hit the brakes

Weather Condition: Stopping distance is small on dry road while stopping distance is large on wet road.

stopping distance chart

These braking distances are calculated under ideal conditions like alert driver, level road, good working brakes, good tyre conditions.

Speed road signs

speed road signs