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Pedestrian Crossing:

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Ok. Lets take a look at Pedestrian crossing. We will explain it using video on top of this page. Video includes different diagrams to understand different type of pedestrian crossing. At the end of video we will do some practical work on road to understand it completely.

Types of Pedestrian Crossing

Zebra crossing


Here we see Zebra crossing. As you come up to it you may see a triangle of warning sign of pedestrian crossing. you will defiantly see yellow flashing light on top when its dark. Here you go with usually routine to approach like mirror, signal, (position, speed, look).
So when you approach Zebra crossing check your mirrors. See if anybody is behind and you need a break. There is no need of signal or change your position because you not going anywhere. So what you do is look well ahead. If anyone is near the crossing. You should come up with a speed that you can stop if you need it. Don't try to race anyone in to it. If you come and someone definitely waiting to cross, pull up at a give way line, hand brake on.
If someone crossing from left to right, you don't have to wait for that person to reach on the other side of the road. If pedestrian reasonably crossed you vehicle to the other side you can be on your way. If you pull up and someone stood there and they not moving, don't try to make them out. Lets the pedistrian to decide when they want to cross it or not.

The zigzag painted lines you see on the road means no parking or overtaking within that area. If you park a car in that area, you'll block the view of crossing. Those cars behind you will not be able to see pedestrian until they these cars cross you. Which is probably far too late to stop. You can however overtake pedal cycles. If you in a queue of traffic don't move your car over zebra crossing. You should wait at the give way line. This goes for all the crossing. Don't park near them, don't block them, don't wave the people out. Make sure you plan well ahead.

Pelican Crossing


Here we have pelican crossing which is traffic lights controlled. The normal sequence of traffic lights is red, green, amber, then again red. Flashing amber lights means give way to anyone on the crossing. So when the lights are red pull up at the stop line. If lights start flash amber and there is no one on crossing just be on your way. If someone is in crossing just wait and let them finish. This Pelican crossing has an island in the middle. Because it is on straight line you count it as one single crossing. so if one person is crossing you must wait for them until they get to the other side of the road.

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A pelican crossing is counted as two crossing if it is staggered like in the video. Because these are two separate crossing. Means if on one side traffic lights are red, other side may be its green and traffic can continue on other side. The pedestrian can walk around in middle and again press the button to cross the other side.

Don't be confused Zebra crossing can also me two crossing if they are separated in middle. So if pedestrian crossed half of crossing the vehicle can go and other side traffic stop and let the pedestrian to reach the other side. So Zebra crossing is the simple crossing. It has a give way line and some straps on the road but it could difficult to deal with because you have to plan ahead and watch what people doing rather than just responding the traffic lights.

Toucan Crossing


Here now we will discuss toucan crossing. As you can see its combine with cycle lines and pedestrian crossing. Its has normal traffic lights. So you have to wait for green. The Pelican is the only crossing with the flashing amber. On this one you stop with the red lights. Cyclists will drive across, pedestrian will walk across and then you will proceed when its clear. and lights will come back to green.

Puffin Crossing


Finally we will have look at puffin crossing. They are traffic lights controlled. But this one has also censors on top of traffic lights. They censors knows when pedestrian are there. So if someone comes along and presses the button and walk away. These censors will detect person is gone and it cancelled the request and traffic lights stays green. When lights are gone red and pedestrian walk across and reach on the other side of the road. The lights will start to go green immediately. So you don't have to wait for certain time.