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Bay Parking Tips : How to do bay parking

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What we going to teach you now is how to do the bay park. Now usually you have to do the bay park in the beginning of the test. Sometimes you get it at the end. So let's take you through it.

As you started your driving test and your vehicle is ready to go. So examiner will ask you to move the car out from bay to the left or right and then stop it. Examiner will then expect you to park the car again in same bay or any other bay aside. So what we going to do is first from left side and it is very common. Now before you go out and do the manoeuvre, you don't have to jump on it straight away. Just make your mind first . Think about the technique your instructor told you.
The technique we going to teach you today is full lock to the left. When you reach focal point on line its very easy to find it. Generally works for all hatchback cars. Let's do it.
Now first i have my technique in my mind and i am ready to go.

Left turn bay parking

  • 1. I am going to start the car in 1st gear. Now i looking in all mirrors and check all blind spots and wait at my biting point.
  • 2. Moving off from bay and forward car first and then turn left. After straighten your car make sure you straight your wheels before stop.
  • 3. Now put the car in reverse and set the car at biting point. Again keep at the observations and blind spots over shoulders. Very slowly move the car back until you reach at focal point.
  • 4. Stop the car there at focal point and it is important to keep the car speed slow while reversing because you have to look all around and back.
    Normally you don't have to stop at focal point and now only for your understanding we stop the car there.
  • 5. You can see red sign on left door parallel to bay white line in above video. This is the point where you make the car full turn to the left. If you doing the stopping car then pull your hand brake.
  • 6. Now again make all observations in mirrors and blind spots. Now slow move the car back with full turn left. The front of car will pull to the other side of road. So make sure if any vehicle approach stop the car immediately.
  • 7. When you will reach half of in the bay, stop the car look in the side mirrors for bay lines. If the gaps look even look around again straight the wheels while slowly moving the car back. Then stop few inches away from curb.

  • That's it. You have done it.