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How to approach roundabouts while driving

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Being new driving in UK the most fearful thing that everyone face is Roundabouts. Its because new driving or foreigners thinks they are complicated but the fact is they are not if you follow basic rules and keep correct lane.

If you are going to do your practical driving test you must take a look driving test routes first so you will get idea in advance of expected upcoming roundabouts in your test route. During your test examiner judged your ability to deal with busy roundabouts. They could be small mini roundabouts or could be multi lane complex roundabouts.

We will provide you complete guide with pictures and videos to explain every expect of dealing roundabouts.

Importance of Roundabouts

crossroads picturePicture Aroundabout picturePicture B

In Picture A You can easily find what difficulties Red Car facing to turn right on link road. At the same time Yellow Car could find way to emerge itself to left on busy traffic.

However we use a Roundabout in Picture B and every car applied Roundabout Rules all. All drivers only need to give way to the traffic coming from right. Now both Red and Yellow Cars who was facing difficulty to turning right or left now can continue their journey without disturbing traffic flow.

Round about rules for driving test in UK

Following are the basic principles for entering and taking exit for all mini or multi lane roundabouts.

roundabout rulesRoundabout Rules

  • 1) Keep the correct Lane before approaching roundabout.
  • 2) Follow MSM (mirror signal manoeuvre) for keep lane correct.
  • 3) Always give way to right coming traffic.
  • 4) Don't put traffic coming from right in a situation that they change their speed or direction because of you.
  • 5) Same MSM (mirror signal manoeuvre) rules when you take your exit.

Lane disciplines for different exits

Roundabout Lane Discipline Roundabout Lane Discipline

Which Lane for 1st Exit or Turning Left

In the Lane Explained Diagram above you can blue and red car on left lane. With this lane they can take 1st exit or turn their left at the coming round.

As you can see Red car signals left and turned left. However Blue car didn't signal it means car going strait ahead and will take 2nd exit.

Which Lane for 2nd Exit or Going Straight Ahead

As in diagram blue car on left lane not giving any signal means going ahead. If you going straight ahead or taking 2nd exit the rule is not give any signal keep left lane and continue as soon as you passed 1st exit now its the time to give left signal as you taking the next exit.

Which Lane for 3rd Exit or Turing Right at Roundabout

In the diagram above our example car is yellow. Rules for 3rd exit in roundabout is keep right lane while approaching roundabout. Give right signal before entering and continue on the same lane with right signal. As soon as you passed 2nd exit now its time to give left signal and take exit in any of the safest lanes on third exit.

Types of Roundabouts

There are many types of roundabouts in UK from simple mini roundabouts to to multi-complex roundabout with up to 6 exits.
Follow are some common examples of roundabouts which we often come across while driving.

Mini Roundabout

mini roundabout signmini roundabout sign

In your driving test you must go through two or more mini roundabouts. Its not only just name they sometimes are very difficult to identify before. Always look for their sign which is given below. They often located in residential areas and very confusing because of small size in priority given. New drivers effects more. Visit Driving Test Routes section to see which roundabout could come during your test and practice them.

Approach mini roundabout slowly if needed stop and take a look around for all entering and exiting vehicles carefully before proceeding. As for all roundabouts always give way to the traffic from your right. Same like other roundabouts while turning left or right must give signal/indicator. If you are taking u-turn be very careful as of small size it could be difficult for vehicles for complete turn. So avoid if not necessary.

Double Mini Roundabout

double mini roundabout signdouble mini roundabout sign

Double mini roundabouts are much more confusing located in busy residential areas. They need extra caution. Each roundabout should be treated as separate. Always look for other car turning indication. Before exiting first roundabout wait before entering into second roundabout if any car coming from your right.

Always drive slowly to approach these roundabouts and give way to traffic from right. Cyclists could be there in roundabout so be careful and don't drive fast to cross them first. It could cause major accident.

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