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Taking Driving Test in Own Car

Learning to Drive in Your Own Car

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Driving Test in Your Own Car

Some requirements set by DVLA for those learners who want to do their practical test in their own car. In this case candidates must know that those requirements must be fulfilled if vehicle misses any of those requirements, practical test would be cancelled without test fee refund.

driving test in own car

You can find below brief description about car rules:

  • --> Car must be taxed, currently insured & current MOT Certificate.
  • --> Car must not show any warning lights.
  • --> Car must not have any tyre damage and all tyres must meet legal tyre thread depth.
  • --> Car must have mph speedometer and car must reach minimum 62 mph.
  • --> Car must be smoke free. You cannot smoke inside the car before or during test.

Below is the things must be fitted in your car:

  • --> An extra interior mirror must be in your car.
  • --> L-Sign Plate must be displayed on rear and on front.
  • --> Car must have seat belt on front fro examiner and head-restraint must be proper not slippery.

Manual or Automatic Car test in your own car:

  • --> For Manual Car - these are 3 pedal cars.
  • --> For Automatic Car - these are 2 pedal cars.
  • --> Automatic can only be used for tests for automatic licences.

Hire car for driving test:

  • --> Hire cars can be used for practical exam only if they have dual control and posses all dvla rules.

Follow cars cannot be used for practical test:
  • --> BMW Mini convertible
  • --> Ford KA convertible
  • --> Toyota iQ
  • --> VW Beetle convertible