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Driving Test Mistakes and Tips

How Do You Dail a Driving Test

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Last step of getting UK Driving Licence is you practical driving test. Like all tests this test as well need proper preparation. However few minor mistakes are allowed during the test.

Minor Mistakes in Driving Test

You can make maximum 15 minor mistakes in practical car driving test. If you do 16 or more mistakes you will be failed.

Major Mistakes in Driving Test

Serious Mistakes or Dangerous Mistakes are those which put you or other road users in dangerous positions. If this happens it means you failed the test.

Most Common Mistakes in Practical Driving Test

Car Fail

Always bring that car with you on your driving test day which fullfil all DVLA requirements. MOT must be done with current valid date. Windshield, Safety Belts, Headlights, Turning Signals, Wiper etc must working properly.

Not Checking Mirror

You must always check car side mirrors and rear-view as mostly people forget to check. Its always safe to know the positions of other vehicles on the road.

Bad Parallel Parking

One of the common reasons is parallel parking which causes test failure. Remember main objective while parallel parking is not hit other cars or run over curb. You can pass the test even you touch the curb but not roll over or forcefully touch.

Driving Car Too Fast

Always follow speed limit signs. Must focus on special zones like School, Work or any other special limit zone areas.

Follow Vehicles too Closely

Always keep safe distance from other vehicles while driving. So that if vehicle in front changes its speed or brakes suddenly then have enough time to react and keep safe yourself and others among you.

Push Brakes too Hard

Don't do hard braking. Before test you should be familiar with softness or hardness of your car brakes. Always try to push just enough to do the job. Don't do so hard that you other passengers thrown forward.

Lane Changing at Intersection

Its not ideal or safe to change lanes while you on intersection. If you are turning or going straight with even following all rules of lane changing still its not good and safe to do it in intersection.

Conditions that Effects Speed Limit

At some conditions its not ideal to keep speed limit. i.e, if its raining, fog and accident on road, traffic congestion. Slow your speed according to the road vehicles.

Driving Too Slowly than Speed Limit

During practical test driving tool slowly shows lack of confidence. Its also causes unsafe situation for other road users as well.

Merging Main Roads or Motorways Unsafely

Sometimes examiner by DSA will take you on a ramp to merge with motorway or other big roads. Many candidates do mistake to stop the car at the end if they found road busy. This causes unsafe condition for other road users.

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