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Theory Test in Urdu Online Free

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Theory Test Practice in Urdu Free

DVLA/DSA DVSA for all their candidates of driving theory test stop foreign language help like voiceovers questions and interpreters. Its started from 7th Apr 2014.

Car Driving Test in Urdu

Practice Theory Test in Urdu

During a poll 70% of people were in favour of this decision.

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Lets have some fun and see if you can get all the questions correct .. Good luck!

Q:1-In which of these situations should you avoid overtaking?
Mark one answer:

theory test in urdu Just after a bend
In a one-way street
On a 30 mph road
Approaching a dip in the road

Q:2-Your vehicle is fitted with a navigation system. How should you avoid letting this distract you while driving?
Mark one answer:

Keep going and input your destination into the system
Keep going as the system will adjust to your route
Stop immediately to view and use the system
Stop in a safe place before using the system

Q:3-You are turning right onto a dual carriageway. What should you do before emerging?
Mark one answer:

Stop, apply the handbrake and then select a low gear
Position your vehicle well to the left of the side road
Check that the central reservation is wide enough for your vehicle
Make sure that you leave enough room for a vehicle behind

Q:4-When following a large vehicle you should keep well back because this
Mark one answer:

allows you to corner more quickly
helps the large vehicle to stop more easily
allows the driver to see you in the mirrors
helps you to keep out of the wind

Q:5-You are driving at night on an unlit road behind another vehicle. You should
Mark one answer:

flash your headlights
use dipped beam headlights
switch off your headlights
use full beam headlights

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Q:6-A vehicle pulls out in front of you at a junction. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Swerve past it and sound your horn
Flash your headlights and drive up close behind
Slow down and be ready to stop
Accelerate past it immediately

Q:7-You are driving in traffic at the speed limit for the road. The driver behind is trying to overtake. You should
Mark one answer:

move closer to the car ahead, so the driver behind has no room to overtake
wave the driver behind to overtake when it is safe
keep a steady course and allow the driver behind to overtake
accelerate to get away from the driver behind

Q:8-You are driving behind a large goods vehicle. It signals left but steers to the right. You should
Mark one answer:

slow down and let the vehicle turn
drive on, keeping to the left
overtake on the right of it
hold your speed and sound your horn

Q:9-It is essential that tyre pressures are checked regularly. When should this be done?
Mark one answer:

After any lengthy journey
After travelling at high speed
When tyres are hot
When tyres are cold

Q:10-The fluid level in your battery is low. What should you top it up with?
Mark one answer:

Battery acid
Distilled water
Engine oil
Engine coolant

Q:11-What does the solid white line at the side of the road indicate?
Mark one answer:

solid white line at the side of the road
Traffic lights ahead
Edge of the carriageway
Footpath on the left
Cycle path